Sacred Sites - Illuminated

"Weave the light, weave the light, let it shine, clear and bright"
Ovate light weaving mantra

With love and thanks to all the amazingly generous people who gave so willingly for this book to be created. What an incredible gift you have given the world.

Judy Adams
I am a country girl and have always sought life’s pleasures on the beach, in the woods or just in one of the many gardens I have been blessed to create and care for, having been on the move a lot during my earlier years. During my life I have travelled, raised children, kept chickens, run a company, bred cats and shared hearth and home with a variety of dogs. I enjoy any form of craftwork - woodturning, silver jewellelry making and of course, knitting! Always a lover of language; it’s richness and diversity, descriptiveness and depth, I have only recently turned to writing. So a new direction - but such an exciting one!

Paul Blades
Born in Lincoln but now lives right in the heart of Cornwall near the sacred sites of Lands End. A practicing pagan and artist, who loves visiting, photographing and drawing/painting the prehistoric sites of the British Isles.

Maggie Bond
I follow the Druid path. I live on the edge of the New Forest and also close to the sea, therefore nature spirits and Deities of the sea are my inspiration and I live with my three cats who inspire me too. My spiritual journey only began in 2010 but I have learned and experienced a lot since then and look forward to experiencing much more.

Jan Bryant
I have enjoyed walking in Dartmoor for over 25 years and when I took up photography I was given a mechanism with which to explore, and share the magic of this wonderful landscape. Please visit my website to see more of my work.

Clare Farley
An Ovate with OBOD. Happy being deep in the forest, but also having a passion for handcrafts, my family (especially being a nanny), birds and my dog. Not necessarily in that order. I began my connection with the land as a young child, sitting on my father’s shoulders as we explored the marshes for newts. I am blessed to be able to honour him and my mother as my dear Ancestors.

Mark George
Originally I trained as a scientific & natural history illustrator and successfully qualified to degree level. My artwork has been exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art in London as part of a year long national exhibition ‘The Best of British Illustration’ and has also appeared in encyclopaedia books, book covers, corporate brochures and on numerous websites around the world.

Andrea Graham
I don’t live, what many would call, a conventional life. My home is a van so the countryside is my garden; and it changes depending on where I am. My connection to the Wheel of the Year is very strong. I like to think that I walk with my eyes open, seeing many things that other pass by or take for granted. The call of the outside was so strong that at school I would get into trouble for day dreaming. With photographs I am merely capturing the energy that has called me and made me smile; and smiles are for sharing.

Pat Hodges
I was fortunate to be born when it was considered ok for children to play and explore the countryside as long as you were home for tea. I had an affinity with nature, her creatures and the way of the world which made me question the rightness of things I was told I should just believe. Later an interest in earth energies and crystals led me to Reiki and training in various therapies, but when I discovered Druidry embraced all of my interests and more, I joined OBOD and have been an Ovate for ten years. I recently moved to Dartmoor to play in the countryside again, but this time being self-sufficient and growing my own tea!

Angie Lake
A Devonian by birth, and retired now from a variety of jobs, I’m mum of three and have eight grandchildren. In 2000, with house sold, and two brushes with ‘the Big C’ behind me, I was finally in a position to buy my car and travel – mostly solo – around Britain. I’d been dowsing with a small group since 1997 so have practiced this while visiting, photographing and filming many stone circles, chambered tombs, and other ancient monuments. I’m a regular contributor to the Megalithic Portal website, which was (and still is) a great asset and inspiration to me when planning trips around Britain.

Vanda Lloyd
am a Priestess of the Goddess, Priestess of Avalon, Ceremonialist Enchantress, poet, writer, photographer, workshop facilitator and speaker. I live on the magical Isle of Avalon and spend many hours, sitting and experiencing the land, writing poetry, taking photographs and connecting with the earth. I love sharing my experience and knowledge with others through my words and photographs. Creator of Avalon Dreaming, Avalon Journeying and Avalon Reflections calendar and greeting cards.

Bo McAllister
Having spent over 30 years in nursing and teaching, I am able to communicate with both confidence and compassion to celebrate and honour your loved one. Listening carefully with an open heart, I will work with you to create a truly personal and authentic service which reflects their life and values. Many people, though unaffiliated to any particular religion, hold spiritual or religious beliefs and aspirations. I will ensure that such beliefs are woven into a ceremony that is both moving and memorable and captures the essence of your loved one. I am available to work with families in East and Mid Devon and West Dorset. As a qualified Soul Midwife, I am also available to work with individuals at any stage of the dying process. Using a variety of gentle therapeutic techniques, I can help support your needs to promote a loving, dignified and peaceful death.

Dave Newbould
Dave has had no photographic training and still has very little technical knowledge, but does have a love of the wild places and hopefully an ‘eye’ for a good picture. Originally he took pictures to record his mountaineering, but as he gained interest in being more creative he found eye-catching light, shapes, textures and colours in so many different places. Even in a city there are beautiful quiet corners. He has lived in Snowdonia for over 30 years, though he has had a love of the mountains there from childhood when his father introduced him to mountaineering. As a student he spent most winter weekends there looking for some icy corner to climb. But it was not until he looked more carefully at the area with his camera that he really started to appreciate the beauty there and just how fortunate he is to live in an area that has mountains, beaches, wooded river valleys, and so much more all within easy reach.

Nick Roberts
Content with a loving family, surrounded by nature I am a runner and gardener, an Ovate and a forest school leader -

Eve Salthouse
My soul was forged in the Chiltern Hills. How many places do you know where the trees talk, where the leaves whisper and the occasional raindrops of memory wash away the mundane world? I spent an idyllic childhood in that place. I knew the spirits of that wood and I carry them with me still. It is to them I turn and from them that my writing flows. I am a lens, for their energy, a mouth for their voices. Occasionally I get it right. I offer you their messages. Blessed be.

Rob Speight
I am a professional dowser, photographer and author. I have been dowsing for over 10 years and have helped people to clear their homes and businesses of both man made and natural detrimental energies. If you have ever walked into a place and thought: “This place doesn’t feel right,” you were probably experiencing some kind of subtle energy that you were not used to. I specialise in identifying forms of geopathic stress, which is basically the term used to identify any illness or condition caused by earth energies or in some cases man made energies. After identification of the problem there are many simple and effective ways in which I can help you to remove or move these energies making you feel better and your home or business feel a more welcome and positive place to be.

Lee Tanya Storey
OBOD Druid Lee has practiced druidry for almost twenty years. She has a deep and enduring passion for the natural world, abundant creativity and a gift for conveying the wonder of the natural world to those who a drawn to her.

Philip Tonkyn
Artist, illustrator and art teacher for over forty years. His work has been widely published and exhibited with five of his photographic works selected for the Royal West Academy’s Open Exhibitions 156 and 158 and the Open Photography 2 Exhibition. Brought up in Glastonbury and having initially studied sculpture at Somerset College of Art, Philip Tonkyn later became well known as an air-brush artist and illustrator of numerous book, magazine and record covers. He now uses photography as a starting point for his art works, creating a vision of a liminal Otherworld where matter and spirit join in the marriage of landscape and light. Merging up to twenty-one photographs into large composite views, he recreates magical moments which of necessity are of great stillness, for it is only when the world ‘holds its breath’ that the component photographs can be taken. At these moments it seems that the world is transfigured in beauty and deeper being.

Georgia Wagstaff
Modern poetry has to forge new channels to convey the beauty of the environment, and, necessarily, the ways that the appraisal of beauty have changed. The same process applies when trying to divine the spiritual energy that has illuminated countless writers through countless ages, in an attempt to access the same essence in new, exciting ways. Poetry and nature are essentially regenerative and cyclical, and these fundamental themes, of vitality and decay, illumination and darkening, and reconnecting to the energy of the earth informs everything I try and encapsulate in my writing. Georgia Wagstaff spends some of her time reading English at Girton College, Cambridge.

Sharon Zak
I am an OBOD Ovate, artist, writer and publisher, healer, catalyst, counsellor and spiritual guide. I grew up with a powerful Earth-focused spirituality and I remain deeply connected to the land. I follow Druidic teachings as well as the ancient guidance I am gifted. I reach out heart-to-heart for I am in service and part of that service is to help forge the connections we so badly need. I co-founded Slippery Jacks to make spiritual work available with an ethos of non-exploitation.